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Structural Calculations

Each and every building is unique and it is our aim to fully understand the way it can and will work structurally. This requires attention to detail as well as a good knowledge of what is and isn’t possible. A good structural engineer is essential to get the most out of your development, whether it is a domestic extension or loft conversion, or a large commercial development.

Our goal is to ensure that we have found the most suitable, cost-effective, buildable structural design solution to the structural requirements of the building. Using the latest computer technology, our structural engineer can provide structural design solutions for projects ranging from domestic scale extensions and loft conversions, to larger residential developments and commercial buildings.

Why do I need a Structural Engineer?

A successful structural design must ensure that the building will safely stand up and be able to function without deflections which may cause structural fatigue, cracks or failure of fixtures and fittings. The design must account for movement and forces caused by temperature fluctuations, loads and cracking. It must also make sure that the construction method is practicable within accepted material tolerances. It should allow the architectural design to work, and the mechanical and engineering services (lighting, heating, ventilation, electrical fittings etc) to fit well within the building. Modern structural engineering can be complex and can make or break the viability of a development project.

Gamut structural engineering services include initial conceptual structural design work and feasibility studies, full detailed structural design in compliance with British Standards and Building Regulations, calculations and reports, as well as structural calculations for Building Regulation approval and structural engineers detail drawings.

Structural design for domestic and commercial developments

Our structural engineer works to current building regulation and British Standards and will work with you to create the most efficient, and elegant structural design solution for your project. Examples of projects where our structural engineers can help are the installation of an RSJ (Rolled Steel Joist) in a domestic extension, reinforced concrete structural design for a residential development or full steelwork design for a commercial project.

Gamut Building Solutions can also provide a structural engineering solution for foundation design, including working with buildings with complex design requirements or difficult ground conditions, as well as retaining walls and other load bearing structures.

We are equally happy to work alongside your appointed architect or with our own in house architectural team. Please see the Architecture and Drafting section for more details.

Types of Material

  • Steel
  • Timber
  • Concrete
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Combinations of Above